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Intensive Driving Lessons Edinburgh and Lothians

We offer a full range of Intensive and Semi Intensive Packages in both manual and automatic cars.

Intensive courses are ideal for learners who have previously completed 5 or more hours of driving lessons and have basic car control skills ie you can move, stop, steer and perform basic junctions without instruction. Intensive courses are not recommended for complete novices with no previous experience. If you have no previous experience we will normally carry out the initial lessons prior to the main intensive block. We often run offers for initial lessons check these out here.

We normally carry out an assessment lesson prior to booking an intensive course, this allows you time to get used to the car and the instructor to ensure we are right for you, it also means we can advise you the best course for you. We can customise a course to your specific needs.

We find the best results are achieved with a semi instensive course spreading 30 or more hours over a few weeks. This is usually 2 hours per day allowing time to digest the information between sessions.

Our full day intensive courses are 4 hours in car per day with a 30 minute tea break, we find that anything beyond 4 hours of training per day is not productive. Your days can run consecutively or can be spread out to suit your own requirements. We can provide any number of days from a one day course to a few weeks. We can normally start and finish at times convenient to you, which may differ on each day if required.

Intensive courses can be money spinners for driving instructors as they can fill their whole week with one person, be careful as some instructors will sell 6 or more hours of tuition per day simply to fill their diary, whilst this is great for the instructor it is not so good for the customer who will find that after 4 hours of driving they have reached saturation point and are no longer gaining anything productive from the training. It is also common to find you are sharing a car with another learner, you may spend half of the day sat in the back.

Our training is normally carried out on a 1:1 basis, no car sharing unless you specifically request this, you could learn with a friend, we charge per hour of in car training, not per person.

Guaranteed Pass? We provide driver training to exceed the requirements for the DSA driving test, it is our aim to present drivers of the highest standard for test, unfortunately we cannot guarantee how a driver will perform whilst out on test. Some instructors will offer incentives such as "guaranteed pass" which could mean anything, always read the small print you may need to pay for a minimum number of additional hours to get free use of a car for 40 minutes. We do not offer such a scheme.

We can provide both manual and automatic vehicles.

Residential courses can be arranged as required.

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Our Business is Driven by our Customers!

"Firstly I would like to thank Jonathan for all his hard work in getting me ready for my test in such a short length of time. I had my first lesson on the 18th of August 09 and I passed my test today (15/10/09). Jonathan was always punctual and he put me at ease from the very first lesson. He was very clear when he was teaching anything and he was happy to go through anything I felt I needed to do again. Jonathan's relaxed attitude played a big part in me passing so quickly and first time. I would highly recommend doing your lessons with Drive Me Bananas as it is an amazing driving school. Thanks again Jonathan." Darren Kinsey (Passed First attempt at Haddington test centre) 

"I found I had to learn to drive quickly and had no experience whatsoever. I learned with Adrian Palmer and in just over 30 hours semi-intensive, became a confident driver and passed my test first time on 28th April 2009. I progressed far more quickly than I would have thought and the teaching style was informal, yet prepared me (initially a terrified driver) to be fully confident, which I now am. I can highly recommend Adrian as I never thought I could pass first time!"  Aidan McGlinchey Edinburgh (Passed at Currie test centre Edinburgh 28/4/09)

"I took an 18 hour intensive course for an automatic car carried out over 3 days with the test coming on the third day. 
At the initial hour assessment, the instructor (Jonathan Smith) estimated exactly the right time I'd need ahead of the test. I'd had experience of 2 instructors before him and I definitely felt that Jonathan had both a much clearer grasp of what was actually needed to pass the test (which I did thanks to him first time). The instructor also had a much better idea of how to instill confidence in a learner driver than previous instructors I've had." Jonathan Asante, Edinburgh (Passed first attempt at Currie test centre Edinburgh 3/2/09)

"I just want to say a big thank you for getting me through my driving test, I will recommend you to anyone that wants driving lessons as I think your methods are the best." Cheryl Mason, Edinburgh (Passed first attempt at Currie test centre Edinburgh 14/5/08)

"Great service provided and very beneficial. Instructor was also very helpful and supportive."
Charmaine Ooi, Heriot Watt Riccarton (International driver conversion passed UK test Currie test centre Edinburgh 23/4/08)


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