Bananas Driver Training


Manual Car Provisional Licence Holders 

Bronze Package 30 hours over 3 weeks £1050

Silver Package 20 hours over 5 days £700

Gold Package 24 hours over 6 days £840

Platinum Package 28 hours over 7 days £980

Block booking

10 hours £350 when lessons taken on a weekly basis

20 hours £700 when lessons taken on a weekly basis

Retest Package 6 hours over 2 days £210

Drive Me Bananas for a day 4 hours £140

1 hour Lesson £35

DSA weekday Practical Test £62

Manual Car Full licence holders

Refresher Lessons £70 per 2 hours

Pass Plus Adventure Day £210

Advanced Driving £80 per 2 hours

Motorway Confidence Booster £80 per 2 hours‎

Terms and Conditions apply to all bookings

Our business is driven by our customers

"Firstly I would like to thank Jonathan for all his hard work in getting me ready for my test in such a short length of time. I had my first lesson on the 18th of August 09 and I passed my test today (15/10/09). Jonathan was always punctual and he put me at ease from the very first lesson. He was very clear when he was teaching anything and he was happy to go through anything I felt I needed to do again. Jonathan's relaxed attitude played a big part in me passing so quickly and first time. I would highly recommend doing your lessons with Drive Me Bananas as it is an amazing driving school. Thanks again Jonathan." Darren Kinsey (Passed First attempt at Haddington test centre)

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