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Fleet Driver Training Scotland

Fleet Driver Training

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Did you know?

  • Between a 25 and 33% of all serious and fatal road traffic accidents involve someone who was working at the time.
  • Company car drivers are TWICE as likely to have an accident, than domestic drivers.
  • 3500 road accident deaths occur each year. That’s 10 per day, nearly 1000 of these deaths are work related.
  • The Health & safety Executive has reported that over 77,000 injuries per year to employees are caused in Road Accidents while the employee was at work.
  • 60% of company cars are involved in an insurance claim each year.
  • As an Employer, if your staff drive as part of their job you have the same legal obligations for the safety of your staff as you would if they were on your premises, the health and safety at work act still applies and you could be held liable in the event of an accident.
Have you carried out a proper risk assessment of your drivers yet?

We can offer a full tailored training package for your business to monitor your drivers and provide documentary evidence of training and assessment.

We can provide pre employment driver appraisal and risk assessment.

We offer training and assessment in all categories: B B+E C1 C1+E D1 D1+E C C+E D D+E

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Fleet training can:
  • Reduce running costs,
  • Reduce fuel consumption,
  • Reduce insurance premiums,
  • Improve employee retention.

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